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Health in the Philippines... A Cause for Concern
By: Charrie Ballecer M.D.
According to the WHO the leading causes of death in the Philippines are respiratory infections including tuberculosis, heart disease and hypertension, stroke, diarrhea and diabetes. Because of this, the average lifespan of a Filipino is only 65 for males and about 71 for females. Developed countries have longer life spans such as 78 for the US and UK, and 82 for Japan 2 These countries have more access to healthcare and the means of better nutrition brought also by increased education about health...
Most of us live in our excesses. More and more people take up smoking which adds to our body’s stressors. Fast food chains offer delicious yet greasy, salty and empty food, contributing to obesity and hypertension. Favorite Filipino delicacies abound with every doctor’s horrors such as crispy pata, kare-kare with bagoong, chicharon and sisig which also notably are taken with beer. Our lifestyle today is detrimental and negates our every attempt at health.
The human body can be kind to the young but harsh on the elderly, especially to those who have abused it. Infections can set in once our immune system has been weakened through long hours of work and binging. The liver, the janitor of our body, is destroyed through drinking. Heart problems arise from increased amounts of cholesterol and lipids in our arteries. Pulmonary problems, most especially tuberculosis attack in times of poor nutrition and unsanitary living conditions. Lung, head and neck and even prostate cancers are also known to be more common in smokers.
Financially, the Philippines is far from rich. These sicknesses further strain our resources and manpower. What should be allocated for food, housing and education are sadly spent on illnesses that can be avoided. Many crimes are blamed on poverty and desperation. Stealing has even been a motive for some to be able to buy medications.
Health education needs to be at the frontier for the development of a better country. A Filipino who is free from disease will be more able to do productive work and uplift our economy. Money that may be spent on hospital expenses can therefore be diverted to more fruitful enterprises. As we all know, prevention is far better than cure.
The pursuit of health is manifested in things most of us do, sometimes without us realizing it. When sickness knocks, wrinkles form, and we start to feel the effects of our vices, it is then that we go to the gym, drink our milk, take our vitamins and start counting calories. This is done in the hope of cleansing our bodies to become youthful once again. Beauty is only a secondary but welcome effect.
  Slim ‘n White nutritional/dietary supplement incorporates the following components with their corresponding actions all in one capsule as follows:  
1. GLUTATHIONE - a master antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals causing illness. It also acts to increase immunity and is a proven skin whitener.
2. GREEN TEA EXTRACTS -has catechins which act as potent antioxidants to boost the immune system. It also lowers elevated cholesterol levels and has a biodefense function in preventing cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes.It also has an ageing suppressing function.
3. VITAMIN C - Aside from increasing immunity, it helps the glutathione stay in it usable form when it enters the body.It also reverses the oxidation process making Glutathione remain in its reduced form suitable to achieve its skin lightening property.
4. L CARNITINE -Is responsible for consumption and disposal of fat in the body It improves resistance to muscle fatigue during exercise and reduces feelings of hunger and weakness during dieting.It also stimulates the heart's energy supply and supports cardiac performance.
5. CHROMIUM PICOLINATE -Is a super sugar metabolizer which regulates blood sugar in diabetics. It also lowers elevated cholesterol levels and acts as an energy booster.
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